Dear Online Traveler,

Welcome to Morenci, Michigan’s corner of the internet.  Here you can find everything you need to know about the best small town in Michigan.  A town that lives by the motto “One Team, One Town, One Family.”

What does what motto mean?  Allow me to explain how I envision it:

One Team: We all work together.  Whether it is the people of this town, our schools, our library, or our neighboring communities, our emphasis is on working together to be the One Team.

One Town: We are about community.  About the area.  Morenci is a small town, but we whether we live in the city limits or not, we are proud of the area where we live.

One Family: The core of it all.  We may not be related, but we are family.  We have shared experiences and shared bonds that unite us in ways that make everyone here family. 

If you are a visitor to Morenci, let me say “Welcome.”  We hope you enjoy your visit, and we’re excited you decided to spend some time with us.  Here at this website you can find information about such great events as our Annual Town and Country Festival, our community resources like Stair Public Library, our three great parks, and even some EcoTourism opportunities.  

For the residents there is information about who your City Councilors are, and when City Council Meets.  There are links to City Hall and the various departments of our city, not to mention information on various boards that make up City government.

There is also a list of volunteer opportunities and information about the different committees, commissions, and boards that help shape Morenci who are often looking for assistance.  I would encourage everyone to investigate these chances to give back.  Morenci is a great town made up of great people, and there are plenty of opportunities to do your part for the community to help make it better.

So, whether you are a lifelong resident, a transplant, or a visitor, please come and enjoy our team, explore our town, and become in some way our family.

Sean D. Seger

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Sean D. Seger, Mayor
Phone: (517) 448-0094
Term expires: Nov. 2021