Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created by ordinance and approved by city council on Aug. 12th, 2002.  The DDA is an authority tasked with economic development in the defined downtown area.  

    "The need for establishing the Development District is founded on the basis that the future success of Morenci's current effort to revitalize its commercial  area will depend, in large measure, on the readiness and ability of its public sector to initiate public improvements that strengthen the commercial area and to encourage and participate where feasible in the development of new private uses that clearly demonstrate the creation of new jobs, the attraction of new business, and the generation of additional tax revenues." - DDA Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan

The goals of the development plan are, in short, listed as:

  • Continued redevelopment of the commercial area by encouraging the reinvestment of public and private funds.
  • Installation of parking areas and pedestrian improvements that would support and strengthen the business district such as off-street parking areas, streetscape improvements, and linkages with public facilities.
  • enhancement of business district entry areas along Main Street at the East and West entry areas and along North St. at the North entry area.
  • Promotion, retention, and solicitation of businesses within the business district.
  • Establishment of special financing programs that assist property owners with appropriate exterior renovations and improvements.


Tim Decker
DDA Title: President
Ken Fether
DDA Title: Vice President
Tricia Burrow
DDA Title: Secretary
Mike Broge
DDA Title: Treasurer
Jennifer Blaker
Theresa Chang
Marsha Pierce